Needs help to integrate OneSignal with Meteor.js


Hi guys,
I Needs help to integrate OneSignal and their REST API with Meteor.js
I see that an atmosphere package exist for OneSignal here and also and npm based module, but my question is:
Is it better to use that atmosphere package OR npm package OR use HTTP module in Meteor like other Rest API?

For example what is the best way to send notification to specific Meteor userId’s? (for example pass userId’s as array and send notification)

Can someone have a working example?

/cc: @guilherme


I tend to use NPM packages whenever possible but in this case I don’t think there is a big difference between the package and just using the REST api directly - it’s a pretty thin wrapper.

I don’t have any examples to show but this is how I would do it

  • Upon getting push permissions you’ll get a player id back from OneSignal
  • Store that on the user document
  • Whenever you want to send a notification to a specific userId, get their saved playerId and pass that along to OneSignal (see the include_player_ids info)

Hope that helps!