Nested links for Grapher

I am new with Grapher and cannot succeed in making link on nested properties : I have a collection called Persons whose structure contains :

    "birth": {
        "place_id": ID pointing to another collection called 'Places' 
                          having a property 'name'

I tried many ways to make a link without success, like :

    'place': {
        type: 'one',
        collection: Places,
        field: 'birth.place_id',

to be able to make a query like :

let person= Persons.createQuery({
            birth: {
                place: {
                     name: 1

Could anyone tell me the right way to do that ? Thanks a lot !

You’d share a small repo to show your code.
But it seems that you’d declare a link between place and place. That’d suffice.