Nested Url Structure?

I am curious if anyone has a solution or has managed to create a nested url structure.
Most applications and examples I have seen within the Meteor community typically use a single url structure in terms of dynamic routing of content. Or the structure is hardcoded at the link level.

Although this is nice its not really optimal when building a CMS or a traditional website.

Examples : /foo/ . or /foo/bar/ <- usually hardcoded at the link level.

I’m looking for a solution such as /foo/bar/ /foo/baz/ Where Bar and Baz are true children of /foo/.

I have explored iron:router and kadira:flow-router. Both are great solutions, but as stated above I still haven’t found a true example of how to create the parent child nav item scenario.

I went with the Gmail route (no pun) and compressed the navigation and state (a plain JS object) into a base64 string and put it in the url.

Could you paste a code snippet of that. Tbh I’m not sure what you mean

I’m away from my computer but it’s the same technique I use for ViewModel:

Click on a color and check the url.