.NET Meteor DDP Library

Just letting everyone know that I have just finished a simple and robust Meteor DDP Library for C#.



  1. Supports an internal collection (JArray) for each subscription. Each method callback returns the affected row as a JObject and the entire collection as a JArray.
  2. Optional Automatic re-connect (incase your connection goes down).
  3. Subscribe to a list of publications.
  4. Support for un-subscribing.
  5. Improved naming convetions (Publications and Method Calls).
  6. Handle a wider variety of server responses.
  7. Data is returned via EventCallbacks as JSON.
  8. Supports HTTPS (WSS - Default) and HTTP (WS)


Would that work in Unity? I’m currently using this one:

but it was pretty unstable (especially regarding connection breaks), so I patched it a lot.

What I am missing is a collection implementation, as it is included in the code above. And I can’t see anything in the docs regarding authentication?

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You’re in luck, we have built this library specifically for our use with Unity.

You simply need to download the following two libraries using the NuGet package manager in Visual Studio:

  1. AstroEx (latest)
  2. Newtonsoft (latest)

Then copy the most recent .dlls from the project/packages folder and dump them into your Assets/Plugins/Meteor directory.

And that will add the .dll references to the project and you’re away.

If you notice any bugs, or require any changes let me know as we are actively working on this.

Note: I have just pushed an update that supports internal collections (so you get the changed row and the entire collection as a JObject and JArray respectively).


Sounds good! I am on MacOS and using Visual Studio Code. How can I access the libraries you mentioned?

Typically you will use Visual Studio (may I recommend Community Edition as it’s free). Then use the NuGet Package manager to install AstroEx and Newtonsoft.

Otherwise you will need to search for and download the newtonsoft and AStroEx.dll’s manually.

That’s nice, some cool features. Good to know

I don’t think any unpatched version of Newtonsoft JSON works out of the box with Unity il2cpp platforms.