.NET WEB API with Meteor

I have been given a task to make a screen using meteor. The condition is that the data should be fetched using the existing web api that we have created for our existing product which interacts with the MySQL database. The WebAPI is created in .NET MVC. Is it possible to make a meteor based web application that can fetch data by making a web api call ? If yes, can you guide me ? Example: If i want to populate a grid, i will have to make an api call and populate the grid.

One more thing is the support for Microsoft Technologies. I looked for it but couldn’t find a satisfactory support document for meteor with .NET MVC. Provided the fact that we only use MySQL and Meteor uses MongoDB, is it even possible to make a web application as I described above ? Or shall I dropped the idea about merging the two and go ahead with making a pure meteor based application ?

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Have a look at Rest2DDP and Meteor’s HTTP packages.