Network scanning

I would like to create an open source project (in meteor of course) that finds/scans all of the processes(& information on the process) on the current internet network that the host machine is connected and then store it into my database. After this I would like to find out how to terminate the process through the application.

The idea behind the app is the following: One day I am in a foreign country and the only internet connection I have is through a wireless hot-spot. I connect to the hot-spot on my laptop and then in 30 minutes, I found out that I had used 1/2 of my data(on a 1GB plan). Also I was not watching any videos/live streams of any sort; I was simply browsing text (with Adblock). I then spent the next few days trying to figure out what took all of the data. My results: unidentified processes. Then I figured that I could make an application to solve my problem!

Help is appreciated!


Hey I am trying to work on something similar right now, sort of. I want to find the networks and devices that are connected. Specifically, I want to find out the types of devices that are connected and on what host/port.

Whatcha got so far? I was using node-nmap to get started

Well @corvid … I dont really have anything right now… I am just really confused on how to pull the network info. I am kind of new to all of this network web dev stuff.

Thanks! Maybe we could work together on something?

Also @corvid I come from a background in C++ programming. I am wanting to get into web programming and I would really appreciate your help.