New 1.3.3 Build Error - While processing files with ecmascript ... Octal literal in strict mode


Hey everyone,

I have a new error that started appearing after i upgraded from to 1.3.3.

The error says

Errors prevented startup:

While processing files with ecmascript (for target os.osx.x86_64):
server/methods/css.js:3141:21: Octal literal in strict mode (3141:21)

The offending line of code is

css += "  content: \"\002a\";";

The file does not have use strict set.

edit: in case it isn’t clear, this is a build error (updated the title too)


Try css += " content: \"\\002a\";";
In your original code, you are using the JS octal notation instead of the CSS one.


Thanks very much. I’ll try that.

It seems like there is an additional check in the build process that wasn’t happening before.


It could easily be that there are additional checks because new releases include newer versions of the packages meteor depends on. Those packages are evolving and becoming more ecmascript standard compliant all of the time. There are many things in a compliant ecmascript implementation that are supposed to automatically turn on strict mode. See The list sounds pretty comprehensive.


This is great information. Thanks very much @rlivingston. Good to know it isn’t a bug.