New Admin Tool for Meteor

What Meteor Toys are to debugging, SuperMongol is to production. It would be great to hear what you think of the concept.

Information and demo:


What’s the difference between the licenses feature-wise?

Can you deploy this to a production site and “turn it on” for one of my clients? If so, could I restrict features, for example maybe I only want them to be able to impersonate, but not Live MongoDB edit.

Congrats on what looks like another great tool, can’t wait to try it out!

Also, can we get something like this built into this tool next?

Also, if you click the link behind this banner,

you have a mailto onclick even wired to it:


I used that to ask you a question, and it bounced today. Is there a good email for you?

Yup - the point is that you can drop it in as a “production” only package. When you buy it, you get the sourced code, so you have full control over how it runs and what it does in your application.

I’ve been having some problems with SuperMongol. At present I cannot install it alongside MeteorToys due to there being a conflict on the method Mongol_update.

I’ve confirmed that the app is running with the “development” flag and have attempted the install multiple times, both following the instructions word for word, and trying some variations to see if I could get it to work. No such luck.

From your above post, it sounds like I have to configure it myself to run production only? Is this the case? If so, that should be made clear both before someone buys it, and also in the install instructions. Outside this post, there’s no mention of that, and it’s actually contrary to the instructions supplied with the package.

I’ve also reached out to you for support using several email addresses and even tweeting you. I could understand one email address not working (as per @aadams problem) , but multiple; along with missing the tweets?

I remember it was equally difficult getting in touch with you about my license for Meteor Toys when I bought that too…


For React projects, SuperMongol will rely on Blaze.js for rendering.

Elaborate please!

My honest thoughts (based on my needs):

  • Why do you call it “Admin Tool”, seems more like a debugging tool.
  • What is the real advantage of having DB inside the browser, I may want a larger view for larger documents, I may want autocomplete for MongoDB a more friendlier visual interface that is provided by: “Robomongo” a free tool.
  • Account impersionation: very cool. (Though I don’t see myself using it that often, I keep another incognito tab if I want to see how it plays out for 2 diff users)
  • What if I have 50-60 client-side collections, will they all be visible in SuperMongol ?
  • Live code execution: again, I can open up a Meteor shell, I don’t use that very often.

Things that would be really helpful for me for debugging:

  • Seeing all the methods and publications available (a project which I already started)
  • Viewing a descriptive documentation for all my collections and schemas

I asked many questions but got no response, therefore I’m not going to purchase this new tool of his.

It would be great when you will have an option to search for exapmple user from Meteor.user collection

How do you handle people attempting to crack/bruteforce the password?

I’m in a similar, but slightly different and unfortunate position, in that I’ve already bought the plugin!

I’m really disappointed in Max’s lack of support and his disrespect for his customers. Does a real discredit to his reputation.

I certainly will never buy anything from him again, and that’s coming from a very satisfied customer of Meteor Toys!

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I’d also like to add, now that I’ve had some time to dig into the package and find out what’s what, that it’s riddled with bugs!

Simple things such as the documentation states that you need to add a clientValidator() to the SuperMongol object when configuring it, however the package actually is expecting SuperMongol.clientValidation().

Also, every method I’ve run so far has been missing a check() on the params, meaning that all of the methods fail and return errors.

No doubt a lot of work has gone into this, but I feel it’s been hastily thrown together. It certainly doesn’t deliver what it promised!

Max, if you’re reading this; I’d like a refund. You can reply to any one of the emails sitting in your inbox, or the tweets, that you’ve ignored.


@JDumont well that’s too bad to hear.

This entire situation, where he throws out this new software with sparse docs, according to you bugs, and for whatever reason does not respond to customers and potential customers is curious and unlike Max.

@JDumont @aadams thanks for the information! I was thinking about purchasing this, but definitely won’t be buying the tool now.

Hey folks, had a lot going on the past few weeks and took my hands off the computer for a bit. My sincere apologies.

@JDumont just contacted ya via email, more coming

Regarding brute-force attacks, SuperMongol timeouts the method calls so you can only try about 10 per minute.

SuperMongol 1 was an MVP to test the market. I’ve heard a lot of people wanting something like Meteor Toys and Mongol in production. SuperMongol 2 will be here soon with many improvements, as a free update to customers.

I’m happy to announce the follow-up to SuperMongol, its a far more user friendly approach to setting up an admin dashboard. It has things like typeahead search and the ability to sign into any account out of the box, but the real benefit is that it’s really easy to implement features specific to your application.

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