New app:

Hi guys,

I just want to talk with you about a new Meteor app that I’ve just finished
It’s a place where you can easily create, find and subscribe to repositories (that you can also clone using git) where content really matters to you and where you will be notified in realtime through a feed page when one of those has been updated. The main idea was to stay focused on the uploaded content and get a place where content can be easily added and followed in realtime by everyone.

I would be very happy if you could let me know what you think about it, every comment, bug report…anything is welcome! :wink:

Thanks in advance,


PS: Just to let you know, this app is running on a very tiny VPS, so please be cool with it :wink:

Looks good, i like it. You should talk about what you did for the design.

Hi, just to get your intention on usage

Like e.g. Dropbox/GDrive for public data via GitHub ?

Is that the target?

A Git centric pintrest? Does this store the repo on Github?

Hi @tomfreudenberg,

Something like that yes but not via Github. You can see what I have answered about that to @copleykj just below

Hi @copleykj,
No, gitstr is absolutly not related to github. When you create a repository, it's already a git repo that you can clone/pull. For exemple, for the repository you can "git clone" (you've got a button on top right of the repository page to get the clone url)

Hi @orbyt,

Thx a lot, this is nice to hear :wink: I will try to talk about the design, yes

Hi @guillaumemorin

So in case that you are self hosting those repos, what are the facts?

  1. Max repo size
  2. Max file size
  3. Storage time
  4. Backup strategy / risk of data loss on your data center
  5. Privacy statement
  6. uptimes and …

Have you already decided such things?

wow no :wink: it’s more a kind of poc for now

Very nice concept, thanks for sharing.

Thx a lot for your comments!