New article: Gradually upgrading a Meteor.js project to 3.0

Hey Community :wave:

there is a new article on about the migration to 3.0!

This time it’s about the actual migration process with heavy focus on packages, dependencies and resolving package conflicts. I hope this will help people with their actual migration efforts.

I would kindly ask you to read and try it out with your actual projects and please let me know if I missed out things or described them not detailed enough.


I am patiently waiting for a future article: Gradually deploying a Meteor 3 production project to any cloud.

In my view a lot of work can be automated.

To replace

const document = MyCollection.findOne({ title: 'foo' })


const document = await MyCollection.findOneAsync({ title: 'foo' })

Seems to be trivial tasks with tools such as: Playground | ast-grep (sadly for me though, it doesn’t support coffee).

Different approaches for automation of the process proposed here: Post your open source projects that need migration to 3.0! - #4 by jbl2024

Great to see progress :slight_smile:

We are making good progress in the ESLint plugin.

It already helped me to find 8 places that I missed to migrate in CodeFTW (that is already running Meteor 3 in production - with source maps disabled).

We will write documentation on how we are using it as soon as we consider it ready for everybody, but if you are feeling brave, you can try already using a local meteor npm link, but we didn’t document anything yet about usage.