New article. Notification visible to all users

Hi, I would like to notification new article visible to all users. In the scheme of data “Notifications” added value boolean “read: false”, the “false” start the display of the notification of the creation of a new article.

       userId: post.userId,
      postId: post._id,
       read: false

User after the launch of the link to the article contained in the notification changes the value of the object “read: true,” causing that notification is not visible to him, and for all users.

How to make to notification visible to other users if one of them changes the value of “read: true”.

I have an idea to link the data schema Meteor.users id articles and values “true / false” for notification. I hope this works

Do not use a single field and single document for shared notifications.

Save that notification to every user. Once a user sees it, remove it from that user (and put to a previous_notifications table if you like).

Great idea. Thanks for the help. Now in front of me only appropriate programming code.