New Article on "Dead or not dead πŸ’€ - Exploring the term and why Meteor.js is super-alive! β˜„οΈ"

Some of you might remember the discussions here and outside on Meteor being dead. Well, after the millionth time I’ve read this again (this time on Reddit), I had to take on the topic from a more generalized point of view.

I hope you all enjoy reading it it :slight_smile:


I have seen something since ~2015 here… It was noisy. There was a bit of concern when MDG started to mistreat their creature, up to the level to inadequately promote Apollo which was the opposite to how Meteor has been used before. And then, with Tiny a bit of uncertainty. But now, looking to the plans and what v3 will look like, the future looks very promising. :vulcan_salute:

And regarding any issues, if not Meteor, good luck setting up a working solution with tens/hundreds separate packages. Not everything that is promised by the hyped frameworks is practically applicable and/or covers the needs. So far I have not seen a working full-stack platform similar to Meteor.

P.S. Agree with the β€œhdd” in JS world :smiley:


You can find the threads in the forum if you search. Recently I have categorized quiet a few of them.


For me, Meteor gives me freedom where I want it and rules where I need it for my style. The other frameworks that I looked at usually do it the opposite way for my style or at least try to force me into something different that I want in one particular part.