New article on scaling Meteor


Scaling Meteor A Year On:

Despite everyone leaving this community I wrote up this post with some extra tips on scaling Meteor.

The article was written a while ago, but I only hit the publish button today. Would love to hear any feedback.


Great, great article. Awesome!


I love that you take the time to write articles for the community! Cudos on that!!!

But this:

is just your personal feelings because e.g. Arunoda moved away from meteor and not based on actual fact right? People like you and me and tons of other devs that post on this forum every day are this community! Test it: ask a question here and get an answer within the hour. The Meteor community is full of very smart and helpful people and it’s no good spreading things like in your quote, because only some are leaving but many are staying and I bet new people are joining every day as well. Please, don’t get discouraged by some people spreading doom and gloom and keep up the great work!

For inspiration and the actual state of Meteor, I can recommend watching the latest Transmission episode (#16). Gives you a more realistic view of where Meteor is standing and where it’s heading.


Thanks for sharing that.

Your app seems to be a perfect test case for the redis-oplog. Have you tried the latest versions ?


I have actually put that episode on my to watch list. It looks interesting.

I don’t want to bring down morale so I may take your criticism and remove
that line from the article. But meteor isn’t in a good state and its not
just arunoda. I’ve read three articles this week of people leaving. All
people that used to be big meteor advocates in the past. The saddest part
is mdg leaving meteor. I respect it as a business decision but the focus
for mdg has not been meteor in recent times.


As I mentioned at the end. I gave it a try a week or two ago.
It does still seem to be in beta. It seemed to half work for me. And I
don’t really have the time to sit around and work out why it didn’t fully
work. But I have chatted a bunch with the package author.

And it does seem like a really important development and it’s a package
that I hope succeeds and remains well maintained.


Thanks for being open to my comments. One of the big players was workpop i guess? What they don’t say in their article is that it was Meteor that enabled them in the first place to move superfast and become as big as they are today.

Anyways, enough about that. I don’t wanna highjack this thread and turn it into another ‘state of meteor’ discussion and defer from the actual topic: your nice article and scaling meteor. Again cudos!


Yes, Arunoda, Workpop, and David Fudge:

Plus a whole bunch of private conversations I’ve had with people.

I’ve edited the article removing the state of Meteor comments.


Thanks a lot for sharing this article, highly appreciated!


That is not correct. @sashko recently noted that MDG is hiring new Meteor developers.