New at everything web; question on front end

I’ve been chugging through the Discover Meteor book and starting to understand how the platform works. With the recent announcement of official support for both React and Angular, it got me thinking: what exactly is the difference between these front end “somethings” like Angular / React / and Blaze. I think I got the background where Angular is Google, React is Facebook and Blaze is MDG. But, is it just templating? Do they each do something better than the others?

Just trying to figure out which one I should focus on in a general sense (not any particular app in mind).

Would appreciate any explanations on these three and your opinions on which is better.

there’s just so much stuff online, that’s a broad topic to cover. Search this forum, there’s plenty.

TL;DR: Blaze.

Just performance issues?

As @muaddib mentioned, lots of existing resources about angular, blaze and react. Meteor with default Blaze is enough to do one’s head in without adding complexity of customising it for angular/react which are not fully supported yet. (you still need to learn all the packages, routing, forms, schema, collections, mongo, ddp, methods etc…) I would highly suggest you stick with the out of the box blaze, focus on what you’re trying to build.

Spacebars and template helpers/events has been trivial to pickup in comparison to angular, much steeper learning curve and higher pain points imo. I did a project with angular as frontend, it is a totally different experience to using spacebars. You’ll be spending months learning just angular and how the watch/digest/controller/directive/services/$scope work with each other and then you’ll have to understand how it binds to meteor’s reactive framework.
I’m also interested in react, buying into the hype but currently just focused on getting to really know Meteor and worrying about React when more resources become available for it.