New BitBucket push-to-deploy excludes over-ridden packages

Hi, I’m just trying out the excellent new push-to-deploy on Galaxy and have come up against an issue.

I have a few Meteor packages that I have had to modify and as a result I git clone them from my own GitHub repository into a packages folder in my main project. The project itself is in BitBucket, but as far as I can tell the fact that I have modules brought in from GitHub, should not really break things (they are all publicly accessible)? Here’s what it looks like in BB:

But I think the build does not draw in my versions of these modules but, instead, the original, unmodified versions. I only infer this as the build log shows errors that are consistent with using the original versions.

I’d really like to see a more detailed trace of the build process to see what it is doing…

Any thoughts?

@denyhs is probably the best person, I think, to chime in.

Hi @dthwaite. Thank you for reporting this issue.

I was the one that implemented the P2D for Bitbucket, so let me help you with this problem.

Have you tried this repo using Github? Do you have the same issues there?
Also, what is your hostname to help me figure out more about your app?

Thank you

Hi Henrique,

No, I’ve not tried GitHub yet - a bit of a hassle, tbh, so will only do so if really necessary.
App is - perhaps you can look at the last failed build, around 4 hours ago…



Hi @hschmaiske ,

Have you been able to investigate this yet?

Is it necessary for me to deploy to GitHub and try it from there?



To confirm, I still have the issue with a Github build …

Hi @dthwaite sorry for the late reply.
Are you using submodules for those packages?

Hi @hschmaiske ,

Yes indeed - sorry I should have mentioned that …

Oh okay! So I think I know what happened. I’ll work on that this week and let you know as soon as it is fixed

Hi @hschmaiske

Any progress on this one?



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Hi @dthwaite, not yet
I wasn’t able to work on this, but I’ll make sure we prioritize this to do asap

Thank you @hschmaiske

Appreciate it. I’m not in a huge rush so mark as medium priority :slight_smile:

Just will be very cool to have PTD up and running

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