New Blaze forum category (with sugar on top ;)


A very good people @ MDG :wink: just created this new forum category dedicated to Blaze.

Thank you!

So, let me get started with a short info: @voidale and I joined forces and set up a domain we would like to host future Blaze at. There’s not much yet, but we’d like people to join in and contribute.

There’s also a dedicated Slack team. Everyone interested - please come in and join us.

You’re all very welcome! :wink:


So happy so see Blaze moving forward again :slight_smile:

Maybe should link to (for now) and the README should have a link back to the slack?

cc: @mitar

Actually does anyone remember the URL of the standalone blaze page? It was like or something (but no, that’s not it). I think there was a brief intro and sample code there?

I think that code was relatively outdated, and I think it’s mostly covered by:

IMO the best way to host a landing page would be to set up a GitHub pages site at meteor/blaze and point there. At some point it might also be a good idea to set up a new github org for Blaze so that people can easily create new repositories, add contributors, etc.

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Well, from my experience, that link only contributed to more confusion - a lot of low-level tech talk, not so much high-level - vision, purpose, strategy… The idea behind the standalone Blaze page is to cover that as well.

That was the first idea and we’ll probably do just that in the beginning, but later on it would be better to set it up as an app - a Blaze showcase + guide.

I agree - if Blaze is going to live its life on its own, that would be the most reasonable thing to do.

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Agree with all the above :slight_smile:

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