New boilerplate: Meteor Vue Admin


I want to share my latest boilerplate. Its still in a very early stage, but it might be the ideal starting point for when you want to quickly build a dashboard / admin system. It uses Vue’s best practices combined with that of Meteor’s best practices. Some features:

  • Meteor Integration with Vuetify (Material Design components for Vue)
  • Registration & Login
  • Forgot Password flow
  • A vuex storage kept in sync with Meteor.user() via Tracker
  • Automatic redirects to the login on authenticated routes

Feel free to try it out and if you spot any difficulties, I will be quick to solve them :slight_smile:


The boilerplate contains new updates. I’ve now done the following:

  • Implemented Vue + Meteor linting
  • Implemented a user management page (for now just viewing and removing users)
  • Added toast functionality to allow triggering one or multiple messages via a Vuex action
  • Did some simplification of the code and added a bit more documentation
  • Added a NPM install check for Meteor command existence. If it doesn’t exist it will attempt to install it

There are some todo’s on the, but I’m eager for feedback from you all since I want this admin boilerplate to be ideal for both Meteor and Vue fans.

Some thoughts / plans

  • Creating a way to make this pluggable
  • Make it ideal to connect it to multiple frontend sites, maybe by providing a rest plugin and an apollo plugin.


Thanks. Will definitely give this a look when time allows! And again, Vue filters for dates, damn. Will need to copy that to my own project.


How are you debugging vue/meteor apps? The client side debugging in Chrome dev tools seems to be totally broken in .vue files. I see people discussing working on vue/meteor apps but not being able to set a breakpoint in a .vue file seems like it would be a dealbreaker to me. This project is a very nice starting point for a vue/meteor app but no breakpoints is maddening.


To be honest. I almost never have to use breakpoints. So I don’t have issues with it. I can imagine it must be annoying. Can you file a github issue on the @akryum vue-components repo?