New book: Lightning-fast web application development with Meteor 3.0

So, we’ve been building Meteor projects on and off from 2012, a bunch of proprietary ones, and a couple of public ones such as innmind and which is currently under active development.

Since Meteor 3.0 is finally coming, we decided to start sharing our experience building production apps so that once it is out the book is ready and helpful. Would love to get community feedback - the intro chapter is here.

and the bigger vision for the book is like this:

Along the course of this series we will look at and learn:

  • Why Meteor is cool and it’s architecture
  • Best practices in designing robust data-driven typed applications
  • How to minimize boilerplate through the use of libraries, (light) code generators, and ChatGPT (yes, it can help a lot)
  • How to use a practical, no-nonsense approach to authorization
  • How to build single-tenant and multitenant applications with integrations to Enterprise systems such as Microsoft Azure or Google
  • How to utilize OpenAI via their API
  • How to handle sales and subscriptions via Stripe
  • How to deploy and monitor production applications

Any comments, suggestions, questions are welcome!


Congrats on Your Art in 3D – ANASAEA – it looks great!

Thank you, we are trying :slight_smile:

Curious to see the deploy part.

What is going to be the approach there?