New categories for the forums?

So it has been few years since the categories on this forum were updated. I think we could add a few more (based on me moderating here for few years already) and as such I would like to propose to the following categories:

  • Typescript
  • MongoDB
  • Tips & tricks

Maybe also add sub-categories to the help section so that it is easier to find/categorize things?

What are your thoughts? Any more to add?


Hey @storyteller, thanks for the suggestions!

@kevintayong and @TatiBarros (our new DevRel Manager) are conducting deep analysis on the forum to add/remove categories and improve its organization. A Community Manager from StackOverflow is also assisting them with this.

I will ask her to review this topic. New changes will be implemented very soon.


Hello, @storyteller
I greatly appreciate your observations and suggestions regarding updating and improving the categories on our forum.
I have been heading the DevRel (Developer Relations) of Meteor for two months now, and I’ve spent considerable time delving deeply into our ecosystem.

One of my first actions was to conduct a thorough analysis of our forum. With invaluable support from @kevintayong , we’ve conducted in-depth studies, including examining case studies from other platforms to better understand best practices and what could be applicable.

I’m excited to share that we already have a planned model that encompasses various changes, not just within this forum but also throughout the user journey of our MeteorJS framework, Meteor Cloud, and even projects and the educational pathway of our community.

In the coming weeks, I’ll initiate a series of discussions and implementations reflecting these plans. Your proactivity and involvement are extremely valuable to us, and your suggestions are very much welcome in making our ecosystem more efficient and welcoming.

Thank you so much for being part of this active and engaged community.
Stay tuned for updates soon!

Best regards,
Tatiana Barros
DevRel Manager, Meteor Team


Welcome @TatiBarros ! Looking forward to your updates.

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