New Category: Meetups

Hi, we are creating a new category called Meetups here in the Forums so we can find people that are using Meteor that lives close to us or speak the same language.

So please if you want to meet people using Meteor around you post a new topic here

We already have a post for Graz, Austria created by @afruth and another for Portuguese speakers created by me.


Meteor was using in the past but most of the groups are not active anymore then Meteor Software as a company is not going to continue using to centralize all the groups.

If you want to take the organization in one of the old Meetup groups please send me a private message with your email account and I’ll transfer the organization of the desired group to you.

For example, @alimgafar is now the organizer of group.

New Meetups

As we are not going to use officially to centralize all the groups we decide to create this new category here in the Forums to promote new and existent meetups and Meetup groups individually can decide what is the best channel to organize Meetups, some people will prefer WhatsApp, others Telegram, others or even a channel in our Community Slack, it’s up to each group to decide what works best for them.

2 Likes is really about reaching new people with geographical relevance, something that discussion boards and chat channels can’t possibly succeed at. is still an option for everybody as I explained. You can create your Meetup there for Meteor or even become the organizer of one existent group. :wink:

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