New Chapter, Clearer Guidelines: Our Unified Code of Conduct

We’re turning a new page in our journey with an essential update to our Code of Conduct.

Previously, our spaces, like the Forum and GitHub, had separate guidelines, which lacked a unified approach. Now, we’ve centralized our norms to ensure a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment across all platforms.

This new code, published directly in our GitHub repository and extended to this Forum, brings into focus previously unclear guidelines, such as the roles within our evaluation committee. It’s also shaped using the OpenJS Foundation code of conduct as our basis and the valuable input from Meteor community members.

We invite you to read through the full code, familiarize yourself with its principles, and join us in nurturing the community we all deserve.

We invite you to read our new Code of Conduct!


I will not accept your code and will suffer the consequences as they come…
I prefer to stay with the old code.