New creating Meteor App

hello, I’m new using Meteor, I’ve seen a lot of tutorials but I’m not sure where to start, I find meteor 1.5 + angular 1 and I think it’s a good approach but going deeper I found meteor 1.6, angular 2, angular 4 and I don’t know where to start or which version choose in order to get a version not too older.
I was using laravel, zend, android, ios separately and this is my first time using Meteor, so I would like to know where to start only.
Thank you in advance.

Why not start with the one that is used in the tutorials? I started with Blaze and now switched to React. These things work best if you stick to the version recommendations as specified in the Meteor guide and to be honoust you will not be disappointed by the time and frustrations that you will save if you stick to it.

I have quite some experience now with Meteor. Even in this stage, following their practices and recommandations proves to be the way to go and turn up to be successful. Going custom usually only meant having to reinvent and implement stuff that was already done for me by MDG resulting in a refactor or loss of valuable time