New Crowdfunding platform with Meteor

Hi guys,

Today I’m very excited as I would like to share with the community our latest project
which claims to be the first crowdfunding application built with Meteor!

We have been in development for months now, and today we would like to extend our
beta (invite only) to the Meteor community, prior to our official launch late
this month (hopefully).

The site is and it’s a crowdfunding platform targeted mainly to individuals, from amateur runners like me up to professional athletes, who are taking up challenges in order to raise money for
a good cause.

Umbali means distance in Swahili and we want to make sure that every distance
covered counts, every kilometer covered counts and it can do good.

So far we had a lot of feedback from people we actually know in person, and people who
are really into taking up on challenges, but we would love to get feedback from
the Meteor community.

Please free to request access by registering your email at

You can create challenges, draw your routes, join / follow challenges created by
other, donate/sponsor *, post comments, updates and/or explore around.

*note that currently we are running a test version of stripe payments and you can only
sponsor the Umbali of the day (use credit card number 4242 4242 4242 4242, any
valid date, any valid 3 digit number)

Finally, I would like to thank the community and all of you who created such great
packages we all use, because without you would be impossible today.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.


PS. We are still working on some tweaks so please bear with us J


Today we published the open beta of Please feel free to browse around and post your comments here or more private via a message.

Would love to see all of you start or join a challenge to raise money for a charity. We are #athletes4good.



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