New forums category for packages

I am not sure if this is even the right place to ask this, but here goes :smile:

Had a conversation with someone on a recent presentation I did with @mgbellaire at Meteor Charlotte on Meteor packages. We covered best practices on working in open source with the package community ( Anyway, it seems that a new group/category would be “packages”. Or something like that where package maintainers and those new to writing packages can jump in and get advice. The commenter on my post was getting at a place to discuss/coordinate with maintainers. I think this could happen in this forum also. Especially when you are coordinating between more than 2 projects, where github issues become more of a challenge.



I’d love to see a dedicated packages subforum for package authors, maintainers, and contributors. Back when I was still an avid Textpattern user we had this in the forums as well and included support (pre-GitHub times) which made it so much easier to “accidentally” come across packages that solve your issues.


Yes! Totally +1 to that!

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I support this, created this category: About the packages category