New Guy - How would I handle templates for end users in Meteor

We are looking at using Meteor, but giving up Node is still confusing to me. We have a SaaS application written in Angular, migration to ng2.

We send out texts, emails, and other events to all sorts of people in our application.

The USER of our application creates templates. These templates are stored in mongo. There are then system generated events that trigger things like send an SMS using x template. We then parse the template (it fills in variables specific to what we do like workorder number, start date, things like that).

Right now we have our own parser but I was going to just use handlebarsJs in Node.

How do you do things that complex in meteor? Can you write code just like if I was using express, just without the messy routing stuff? Searching for Handlebars/Meteor gives me weird results as it seems once upon a time Meteor itself used “SpaceBars”.

Hoping this makes sense, I have an APPLICATION that needs to use templating, I am not talking about the templating in Meteor, as we will use Angular.

Is all this stuff just as easy? We need to integrate with Quickbooks Online (we use node-quickbooks). I guess I am asking, if I can do it with Node, can I do it in meteor since, well, it runs on Node?

hello, welcome to the Meteor forums! :grinning:

I think you should be able to do most of your common Node tasks in Meteor. Meteor runs on a specific version of Node which is not the latest, so check your requirements are compatible with its version of Node . see this thread : Meteor + NodeJS 0.12 , and here

It’s been a while, but at one point I was able to compile handlebars on the server using Meteor, it worked fine. The new Meteor version coming out soon is 1.3 which will have better support npm, so I’d suggest to try a proof of concept using 1.3. Follow this thread for updates and instructions to install the beta versions of 1.3 :

Well the good news I have time, it is a released product on angular 1.4 and Node right now. We don’t do anything fancy in node so I don’t have large concerns, but we do use handlebars and Twilio. I think the timing is good as 1.3 of Meteor will advance as will Angular-Meteor and Angular2 itself, so all should be getting stable at around the right time!

I BELIEVE the 1.3beta doesn’t work with Angular2-Meteor, but I am happy to never have to really understand atmosphere (no offense for those who love it, I just don’t want to deal with writing wrappers for all the libraries that are out of date or not in there).

Well to me the future is bright for Meteor and I am fired up! My project has to be complete by October 1st, so here is to hoping everything keeps moving along!

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