New here-is that possible via meteor

I’ve read the faq, so its possible to make iOS app with JS using meteor?

BUT-i’ve checked the “get started” and there is no iOS development in chocolaty if working under windows?

i don’t understand how this works…
is this like sort of translator for JS and other languages, that complies js to an executable file for iOS or others, or just like html when you insert js code to the meteor platform?

Hi @arielg. It is based on Cordova. You need a Mac to create the iOS app, for Android you can use any OS. If you follow the Tutorial all become clear.

you mean there is no platform that can write code in windows environment and translate it to mac in general?

Your code will be Javascript so you can write and test it on Windows but to build an iOS app you need to have a Mac OS, but you can develop your code fine on any OS. I’m probably doing a live about Native apps with Meteor next week. Follow me on twitter to know the exact date and time


No, unfortunately this is called vendor lock-in and Apple loves their walled gardens that force people to use their products.

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but if you write a website for example? doesn’t that work on mac too?
so if you build an app in javascript and keep the logic in server side, and build it like a web app, won’t it work on mac as well?

Yes @arielg, a web app works everywhere! Inside all browsers.

You can turn your app inside a browser into mobile & desktop app installables (still via the browser). This concept, you might really like it, is called a PWA (Progressive Web App).

My Meteor app is also a PWA, and it runs everywhere! It has a desktop & mobile version.

A pretty nice example of a PWA is here. This PWA was built using Vue as a front-end.

There are at least 5 major categories of mobile apps that you could make with Meteor:

  • PWA
  • Cordova
  • JS Native (React Native, Native Script, Flutter, etc.)
  • True Native (iOS Swift, Android Java, etc.)
  • Native w/ Web Views (JS app is wrapped by a Native iOS app, etc.)
  • Other options

And for all of this stuff, it’s nice to develop on a Mac to test things out. Most devs use a Mac because you can run “everything” possible on it. You can buy a Mac to make your life the easiest or build a Hackintosh.

Google everything you don’t know until you eventually know everything :grinning: Have fun! Happy coding! :tada:

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thank you.

my last question if its not too much already …?
can i code on an ipad? like use the same app that’s been used as if its a mac. or all platforms that developers use must have mac?

There are ways you can write some code on an iPad, but you really have to be on a full desktop OS.

Sell your iPad perhaps and get a MacBook, some are lower cost than an iPad, that would work just fine.

You don’t need a new machine either, you could try used. But if you have the resources, embrace the journey and grab a MacBook Pro.

If you want to just learn to code, here are some tools to try that you can use in the web browser:

These tools in the browser are long term useful.

The tool that most EVERYONE is using these days as their main IDE is VS Code:

And I guess, an iPad Pro can run VS Code now, as of pretty recently, but you’ll commonly use like 10 other things that will make you life a pain if trying to just use an iPad.

XCode is the main tool you will need to develop any Apple Native app (iOS, iPadOS, MacOS, tvOS, watchOS, etc.) Xcode 14 Overview - Apple Developer.

thank you.
I already use visual studio for my app.
I learned full stack JS from udemy, and abit of C when i was younger.
thanks for these links!
appreciate it.

ok. i’m sorry to be non stop questions, but its a new one:
is there a translation code of a sort, that can translate my code from windows to mac? so i could just copy the new code, and then run it on mac?
without the need to learn new coding language?

found a thing called cross platform coding.
there is actually a thing called electronJS which allows you to code once for all the platforms.

You can make your JS app on Windows for sure, you can run any JS app in a browser on mobile or desktop devices.

So you don’t need a Mac for that.

That’s just how it works normally.

I wonder if it’s possible to use a CI service with valid XCode developer keys and the right config to build for iOS without having a local Mac?

Yes, that is possible. I remember we use to do that at a company we worked at.

Is not that straightforward but is doable.