New Meteor app coming – – collaborative live website editor


Hey meteor community. I’m proud to announce that a new meteor (meteor/react/galaxy/docker) product will go private beta – We are creating a collaborative live website editor with versions, live sharing and code export. If you are interested in playing with it – direct message me and I’ll send you an invitation code starting next week. Loved to receive feedback on performance or bugs :comet::rocket::zap:

And if you have any specific questions on or meteor/react/stack – I’m happy to answer them! Also promise to find some time to engage in other topics of this forum :wink:

Collaborative Markdown Editor

Love this idea! And the demo you have using your own website is brilliant.


Maybe it’s able to export JSX? It would be handy!


Just sent you a message


Very cool @human, any frontend frameworks you have been using? Looks very nice.



Thanks Ben! We don’t use any frontend frameworks – the admin and tool UIs are custom made.