New Meteor blog on Medium

Hey all!

In case you haven’t seen it yet, we’ve just finished moving the Meteor blog to Medium! Check out our announcement post for the details, or read the highlights below.

TL;DR - We are excited to post more frequent updates about the Meteor project, community and ecosystem on the new blog, and are particularly excited to welcome more contributed posts from the community. If you’d like to contribute, email us at

The details:

  • All the old posts have been migrated to Medium, and all old links should redirect to their corresponding post on Medium.
  • We will be posting regular updates about the Meteor project, with news about roadmap updates, important PRs or issues, and contributor highlights.
  • We welcome guest posts from Meteor users, contributors and community members - email us at if you’re interested in telling your Meteor story or sharing best practices.
  • Past comments are still in the (now locked) blog category. Use Medium responses to add comments for post authors, or discuss news in corresponding threads we open here in the forum.



Good job @thea ! We really appreciate what you are doing.