New Meteor Book | Meteor.js For Beginners



I would like to announce that I am officially writing a book titled Meteor.js For Beginners.

Over the past few years I have had the privilege to dedicate time to working with beginning developers, as well as young adults in their learning experience with Meteor. I have learned an unprecedented wealth of knowledge during this experience, as well as evolved as a developer myself.

This book is meant to share the things that I have learned as well as provide a comprehensive guide to both youth and beginning developers. I hope to provide information that is absolutely critical to developers starting out with Meteor.

I remember what my experience was like the day I installed Meteor, and how much happier my experience became after I learned the true power and ease of use Meteor has to offer.

Meteor.js For Beginners is unique within it’s structure. Each chapter will take the reader through detailed experiences on how to accomplish common tasks when developing with Meteor. The most important aspect of this book is the Instructor’s Guide that is available as a separate unit within the book.

The Instructor’s Guide is a guide specially designed for teachers, parents, or instructors that plan to use this book as a teaching aid. It breaks down each chapter with detailed explanations and information for the instructor. This unit also aims to help the instructor understanding potential errors, or complications their student may encounter , and provides solutions to correct this matter.

By the beginning of Fall my hopes are to provide a free preview of the book, and a few months later release the first edition of this book.

This experience is truly great and I hope each of you will enjoy this book as I am enjoying writing it.

Thank you,

Ryan Watts

Planned Chapters

  • Chapter 1 | Getting Started
  • Chapter 2 | App & Code Structure
  • Chapter 3 | Templating (Spacebars)
  • Chapter 4 | Meteor Collections (Database)
  • Chapter 5 | Publish & Subscribe
  • Chapter 6 | Events and Helpers
  • Chapter 7 | Routing (Iron Router)
  • Chapter 8 | Sessions
  • Chapter 9 | Atmosphere (Meteor’s Packaging Server)
  • Chapter 10 | Schemas (Aldeed Simple Schema)
  • Chapter 11 | CRUD (Aldeed Autoform)
  • Chapter 12 | Project (My Own Website)
  • Chapter 13 | Deploying Your Application
  • Unit 1 | Instructor’s Guide


Support! Great to see this happening.

How much would you like to see people paying for it when it’s finished?


I have it listed as 14.99 for the time being. I do not see it being higher than that though.

Not sure if that was a question or a statement.

If it was a statement I would love to see people paying for it :slight_smile: