New Meteor Eslint Plugin - Meteor 3.0 - feedback wanted

Hey, If you are migrating to Meteor 3.0, please check my presentation about the new Meteor Eslint Plugin (starts at 13:40)

Watch it all to learn how to configure and use it and why you can help provide feedback.

PRs and issues are welcome.




Thanks for this, @filipenevola. This will be a big help

Are the rules safe to be used in Meteor 2.x and do incremental changes before completely migrating to Meteor 3.0?

Yes @rjdavid, it should work fine with Meteor 2 projects.

If you get any error, let us know, but if you do, it’s probably unrelated to Meteor 2.

It could be related to some differences in folder structure or different styles of imports.

We tested with many projects, but I still expect to find more cases.

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I love how these eslint rules handle imported folders or how it just checks for server code only. Brilliant.

I will add the rules as warnings to our 2.x projects this coming week. Our plan is to have it as warning only for now but it cannot be fixed by comments. This way, our devs can still work on business logic without the need to fix everything related to the files that they will be touching. I will change to error after we successfully moved to 3.0.

Thanks again

From quavedev/eslint-plugin dependencies.

Screenshot 2024-01-28 at 6.03.08 PM

From babel-plugin-module-resolver Changelog:

@rjdavid This package can only be installed (as is) on Meteor 3.

Thanks for checking, @paulishca.

In that case, we will fork it and use version 4.10 of that package since the changes for 5.0.0 are fixing a vulnerability that seems not critical for this tooling.

Or @filipenevola, if you are amenable to accepting PR for this to support Meteor 2.x since not all projects can move to Meteor 3.0 in one commit