New Meteor React Tutorial and New Format for Tutorials

Hey, I’m glad to announce that we have a new React Tutorial for Meteor Apps.

You can check it here

New Format

We’ve made many updates in the content, including a lot of new information (Meteor DevTools, NoSQLBooster to connect to MongoDB, deploy, etc) but the major goal here was to create a new format for all the tutorials and fix a few issues of the old format:

  • Receive PRs easily, no rebases or submodules;
  • Multiple tutorials for the same technology in the same repository;
  • Isolation between major technologies, we don’t want to mix discussions about React and Vue, for example, as usually people are learning one major technology each time;
  • Single repository for code and tutorial steps.

We believe this new format achieve all these items, you can see the repo here


I would like to have volunteers to migrate the existent ones (Blaze, Vue, Svelte, Angular) to this new format as well.

It’s a lot simpler and straightforward, no more rebases or crazy stuff. Just simple commits on any order.

We know the tradeoff, we have a bunch of folders with different apps for each state (step) but in the old format was impossible to create PRs as was required to use push --force because of the rebases and also for newcomers it is now a lot easier to check the final code of each step. They just need to go to a different folder rather than go to a different commit, branch or submodule.

If you want to start a migration of another tutorial or create a new one from scratch, let me know. I’ll help the volunteers with DNS (new subdomain setup), Netlify auto publish config and repo creation.


About this specific tutorial, it includes how to deploy to Galaxy as well, so a new user can create the app, learn how to test it and also deploy on Galaxy.

We also included many screenshots all the way, showing the state of the App on each step, how to connect to Mongo, how to use Meteor DevTools, and much more…

I recommend everybody to take a look and we are open to discuss ideas and changes on issues and PRs. With this new format we will be able to review and merge PRs very fast. I promise!


BTW, we have discussed this change since September 2nd in our Community Slack, you can join our Slack here.


If you want to work on a migration please check if an issue is already opened for this technology here, if not, please open a new issue with title: "Format Migration: "

Then we will have a single place to discuss it.

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Excellent, but there is a little problem, react-meteor-data will have a warning, I hope to eliminate it, warning: react-meteor-data 2. X requires react version >= 16.8. :crazy_face: was updated to Meteor 2.0 :wink:


Why do you have the react tutorial on a different subdomain but not the other tutorials?! @filipenevola