🎉 New Meteor Release: 2.1

Node.js released a security update yesterday and we released Meteor 2.1 today using the new Node.js 12.21.0.


Please upgrade your projects.

This version is going to be recommended soon.


It’s so satisfying to see quick responses again on the Meteor platform :slight_smile:


congratulations,Is Tree shaking available? #11164

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It looks like the version should have been released as 2.0.1 to be consistent to the milestones set in the Github repository.

Maybe there is an explanation for the decision to label it as 2.1 … :thinking:

No, this primarily security release for Node.

The argument for using feature release would be that there is a new flag available.

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As Node.js updated the “minor” we decided to also update the “minor”.

I see even a discussion about this on Twitter from a Node.js member if that was the correct way or not.

As Node.js is a big piece in Meteor (of course, Meteor apps are Node.js apps in the backend) then it made sense for me.


To me it makes sense to have it a minor update. Its non breaking and automatically added to the 2.0 release which is at time of writing not yet officially released. (right? :sweat_smile:)

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Which one is not released officially yet?

Meteor 2.1 is not yet releases right?

https://install.meteor.com/still says RELEASE="2.0"

and meteor update returns:

x@x src % meteor update
meteor update
This project is already at Meteor 2.0, the latest release.
Your top-level dependencies are at their latest compatible versions.
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It’s ready to update

 Meteor 2.1 is available. Update this project with 'meteor

But I’m still waiting for Tree Shaking :smile:

Agreed, this should have been v2.0.1 especially as 2.1 already had a list of features that were coming. No need to follow what Node is doing as Meteor has not been following semver and has been doing its own release number convention for some time.

We always wait a few days to recommend the version. :wink:

We also want to have tree-shaking and we are going back to it.

Tree-shaking is not an easy task and we also need to optimize it (based on community feedback) before it’s ready to be published.

In the same task we are going to try to optimize reify to improve the bundler performance as a whole.

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I don’t think we should be discussing version numbers here.

The minor update here was to avoid breaking changes for people using npm modules that depends on Node.js changes heavily.

We are committed to deliver whatever is important for the community but version and numbers are not that important. We are always updating them accordingly on GitHub milestones so you can still follow the progress and see what is next.