New Open Source Cloud Dev Platform

This is high-rated on HackerNews today.

Using Pulumi, you author cloud programs using your favorite language, spanning low-level infrastructure-as-code to highly productive and modern container- and serverless-powered applications.

[…]TL;DR, with Pulumi, 38 pages of manual instructions become 38 lines of code. 25,000 lines of YAML configuration becomes 500 lines in a real programming language.

Would this have any potential application for Meteor hosting and/or development?


I really like the look of this - thanks for the link!

As to your question, as far as I can see with my short reading of the docs, it seems that a “simple” program can start up all sorts of different containers etc … so I think yes would be my answer.

Time will tell of course, and its early days and they really want feedback, so I’m keen to give it a go.

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Good spot - looks very interesting indeed.