New package Avatar Manager


Hey guys,

I have been messing around some time with connecting multiple accounts to a Meteor.user, and I come up with an issue that gave me the idea for a package, that finally published today.

The issue was that having multiple accounts connected to a Meteor.user you should be able to manage your avatar. For example, I have joined an app with username and password, but also connected Facebook and twitter accounts.

The great package of utilities:avatar gives you the possibility to define a custom property to read the avatar url from but that goes for everyone the same.

I took advantage of this option, and create a template, that will show you a list of all avatars from all connected accounts (default one and gravatar are extra) so you can choose which one of those you want to use as your primary avatar. Or you can even upload an image and crop part you want to use as your avatar (using another great package of particle4dev:upload-avatar which I forked and created a new one to work with latest Meteor releases).

the package is selaias:avatar-manager and I’ve tested it with a practically blank project.

you can find it on atmosphere or on github

please feel free to let me know what you think



Ive set up a demo at if you want to try it. As no services are currently set, you can upload an image to use as avatar, use (if any) your gravatar image or the default.


great! very nice work.


In your demo, the save button does not appear to work after uploading an avatar. Using Chrome on Windows 8.1 pro.


you will have to crop the image first.

Try to click and drag on the uploaded image.

it was default on the particle4dev:upload-avatar package and Ii didnt want to mess a lot with it. But I think it can be confusing.


Ahh yes working now.


It doesn’t work with mobile. You can’t crop the image. Hence, can’t uplooad new image. Works in pc.


I have tried actually with mobile till after I saw your message. It does not work indeed, I got stuck after I’ve uploaded an image and I couldn’t crop.

As the author of the original package commented that he cannot maintain it for now, I’ll take a look, but your are more than welcome if you have a solution already for this.