New package for connection status (Material Design)


I just published my first package for Meteor. It automatically alerts users when the connection to the server has been lost, and allows him/her to manually retry between two automatic retries.
Design is based on Google Material Design
Any feedback welcome :smile:


I’d suggest providing a screenshot in the README - since its a ui component people will be interested in how it looks.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ve just added a screenshot.

Looks good!
Is it compatible with Smart Disconnect?

Good question.
Not for the moment I think (as Smart disconnect seems to be based on Meteor.disconnect()). I will try to make it compatible in the next version. For the moment the alert shows up but with a countdown always to 0s, which is weird…

Wow, it looks great! I will try using it in my next app.

I updated the package, it should now be compatible with Smart disconnect, and in general it does not react anymore to manual disconnects (with Meteor.disconnect()).

Hi everybody,

I updated my package Meteor-status which alerts the user when the connection with the server has been lost.

You can now get an unstyled version and I added support for i18n.
There is currently only English and French but I accept pull-requests for translations :wink:

I also plan to add a mobile only option, where the app is most likely to lost connection.

Any feedback is welcome!