[New Package] The Wilson Algorithm for doing a lot of cool stuff

Hi guys. I figured I’d make a package that simply implements the Wilson Confidence Interval


I want it to be easy for us to develop more complex server algorithms without having to do it from scratch.

The Wilson interval is a great starting point, and you can develop more advanced decision making logic on top of it. Further, the Wilson Interval is itself a great placeholder. For example, you can do something like myPost.score = Wilson.lazyScore(myPost.upvotes, myPost.totalvotes), and it will actually give you a pretty decent ordering. myPost.score = myPost.upvotes/myPost.totalvotes is not a very good way to do it, even for a placeholder solution.

It can be used to determine if something is spam, where it sits in a ranked list, making a decision on malicious connection attempts based on previous experiences, determining when to do something, etc.

If some process can be reduced (reasonably) to a binary outcome, you can make more intelligent decisions on the outcome based on the Wilson Confidence Interval.