New Package Wrapping Mongoose

meteor add activitree:mongoosed2

This is compatible with Meteor 2.+ (Node 14 versions).
Details within the package page The trusted source for JavaScript packages, Meteor.js resources and tools | Atmosphere.
In summary:

  • NPM packages on which Mongoose depends are downgraded to work with Node 14.
  • A couple of files have been modified to use Meteor-like document ids on creation. This is still a WIP. It works but is not 100% implemented.
    However, the main purpose of this package is to replace Grapher for those who want to go the easy way in the future. Grapher is very complicated and further development is unsure.
    With activitree:mongoosed2 create Schemas for only fields that you want to have in relations, create Models for those Schemas and query DB with .populate() for:
  • one to many
  • many to one
  • one to one
  • parent → child → child
  • virtual fields

This version is as far as this goes for Meteor 2.+ all further development will go for Meteor 3.
Looking forward to seeing your issues, suggestions etc. We will be using this in all production projects as a replacement for Grapher (which we used a lot) but if there are many interested to adopt it, we will transfer it to community packages. A package for Meteor 3 will also be published separately.


very thanks for your package :+1: :blush:
We could use/install mongoose from npm package (not build in this package)

You can indeed use is from NPM directly. The Meteor package flavors it with 2 features for now: Meteor document ids, and a schema validation for Meteor Validated Methods. In the future I am planning to add some abstraction so that I can use SimplSchema and automatically translate to Mongoose schema and also pipe down change streams to the client.