New project moving forward - wait for GraphQL (Apollo) or use Mongo


Hey folks.
So I just finished an MVP of a project for a client, and we are in the process of getting funding, office space etc.
We’ve thought of some new features for it, think sort of Asana project management style idea.

For our MVP we used Blaze + Mongo obviously,
But for this new project adding onto it, we are thinking it’s going to be a lot more complex database wise. (groups within groups, tasks within tasks, etc)

I’m really excited about the Apollo stack, but I’m unsure of where to move forward currently.

I know I will be using React, but database wise I know that Mongo will turn into a pain in the ass (it already was for this project).
I want to stick with Meteor most likely, but should I wait for Apollo to turn reactive (one of our main priorities) or try and stick with Mongo and possibly encounter future problems?

Anybody in a similar situation?
Mongo is great, I enjoy working with it, but sometimes you just need some good old SQL.

Any opinions on this?


You can already do per-query reactivity with Apollo by setting a polling interval. It’s not yet as clean and transparent as minimongo reactivity, but it’s there.

Also, Apollo can be adopted incrementally. If you start with things in Mongo you can utilize the full power of Meteor right now, and then slowly bring in your relational data via Apollo incrementally.

Hope this helps.


That was exactly what I was thinking of doing, thanks for reassuring me.
I’ll start with Mongo and hopefully when the product is ready for market, I’ll be able to port things over to Apollo.



@patrickbolle - Your questions & @bwhitty - Youe answer has helped me as well. Thanks :slight_smile:


IMHO for real work you should ever use technologies that are ready today, and not those that will probably perhaps be ready tomorrow.