New Repository: Meteor Examples

Hello, as suggested by @storyteller we now have a new repo for Meteor examples.

The old folder inside the main repo was moved a few months ago and now we have a new repo only for examples.

Do you have nice examples that you would like to expose? This is the perfect place.

We are going to review these examples often so they are always working as up-to-date as possible. We know this is a hard task but we are committed to do it :smiley:

Check it out:

Feedback is welcome here or as issues/PRs in the repository.


In this app I used meteor-webpack to have HMR at the time.Now I could remove it and use plain Meteor builder/compiler. Very cool!

See my last commits if you want to check the update.


I have updated some old examples and I’m currently building an example url-shortener. I’ll submit PRs later today.


I haven’t updated it in 3 years now but if anyone wants a head start I’ve got a Meteor Vue Enterprise Starter. My company’s product is still built off this but it’s evolved a ton over time to support Electron w/meteor-desktop among other things, and it’s diverged to a point where I wouldn’t be able to merge it back into the starter anymore.

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Tailwindcss with Meteor

ChakraUI with Meteor

Yubidibidoo - :slight_smile: I am back to meteor :slight_smile:

That might not a big note but I like it! Beeing away for a number of years and feels now like coming home again.

After digging into serverless apps, nextjs, gatsby etc. we decided to use meteor for our new IoT project.

---- and directly running into a rare condition ----

Hopefully @filipenevola may help with an info:

We have tested chakra-ui but got really bad performance on loading apps.

It seems not an issue with meteor but chakra-ui.

Do you have similar experiences? Bad loading times?

I also started a discussion on chakra-ui: Perfomance: Aweful slow load using Chakra - also the chakra-ui typescript example is worse · Discussion #3952 · chakra-ui/chakra-ui · GitHub

Thanks for help!
Cheers, Tom

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Hey @tomfreudenberg welcome back :slight_smile:, I am in a similar situation as you are with evaluating chakra performance. The link to the chakra GitHub discussion seems to be dead . Did you find anything helpful ?

Hi, I am sorry - but after not getting the right feedback I dropped out from chakra and be now using materialui in version 5.


Cheers Tom , that’s unfortunate after spending some days looking into it I could not find any easy way to make performance better either. I guess ill look into refactoring my app to use another library like MUI.