New router for React and Meteor

My new client side router for react is ready for prime time. As a thank you to this amazing community full of extremely helpful people, I wanted to post my router for all to use.

It was definitely inspired by FlowRouter and you can see that reflected in the API design. I really liked how simple using FlowRouter is, but Focus Router takes it to a whole new level.

Please enjoy, and let me know what I can do to improve it.


Great job @james! I’ll give it a try

Interesting! Is there any specific tie-in into Meteor?

Sort of…

  • Of all the places it could be used, only in Meteor has been fully tested and used in prod
  • It is a spiritual successor to FlowRouter and duplicates its core philosophy, which is to define routes outside of the UI framework.

So yeah, even though it does not make use of Tracker, ReactiveVar, and can be used in any React web client, it has its roots in the Meteor ecosystem.