New SCSS Packages (Meteor > 2.12 and Meteor 3+)

Meteor 2.* : activitree:scss
Meteor 3.* : activitree:scss3

This is a Sass build plugin for Meteor. It compiles SASS and SCSS files with Dart Sass. With few alterations, this is the same documentation as for fourseven:scss on which it is based. Check your development server console for wrong syntaxes or Sass deprecation messages and correct your code accordingly.

This was made by plugging in Dart Sass as the Sass processor replacing the old node-sass. Nothings else is changed.

Just remove your old processor and add this package and … looking forward to hearing about your errors :).

fourseven:scss had some outdated indications for the use of Autoprefixer. The recommendation of this package is to follow Meteor documentation for Autoprefixer.


I don’t believe publishing new packages was necessary since fourseven:scss is under control of Meteor Community Packages. I’m sure the changes would have been more than welcomed as PR’s to that repo.

I do respect your opinion and everyone is free to install any package as well as to uninstall.
Given the present context with Meteor in between versions, many packages need 2 different versions because internally they depend on older (Node 14) and newer (Node 16+) NPMs.

Now, since you volunteered, you can pull from one of these packages and push to the community package.

I can definitely feel the respect of my opinion just beaming from your message…

That being said my point and my interest here is to limit fragmentation and confusion. The issue of divergent node versions could have been solved by a version branch in the original package.

It’s fine though, I’m more than happy to volunteer some of my time to work on features for Packosphere to try to limit this type of confusion in the ecosystem.

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I am not sure I understand the confusion or fragmentation you are referring to. For almost 8 years I thought Atmosphere was free to use, free to publish but it seems that I’ve been wrong all along.

I totally understand your motivation and need for another package management platform since Meteor seems to operate with half an employee and 0 managers.

I didn’t know who was the contact for Paco so great I can ask you now. Is the publication of alphas and betas intentional? These versions do not show on the other package manager.

It doesn’t show on Atmosphere, but you will get the these betas if you run meteor show with --show-all.

I think Packosphere has it correct. Those are the full version identifiers.