New Slack channel for everything related to chat!

Hi, a lot of people (including me) are always asking about chat/messages. There is a wonderful package for that made by @copleykj . We often have to help people and figure out issues. So a slack channel is what was deemed necessary. Feel free to join !

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Doesn’t it make more sense to open a channel?

Not sure how you wanna handle invitations (currently can’t get into slack)

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Yeah. People are sharing Slack addresses to f.e. meteor-mentor project or this but how are we even supposed to check it out without invitations.

Managing multiple Slack sessions is another pita that doesn’t exist with Gitter, where you can join many chats in the same window.

ok, so I had thought about a page where you could submit your email and get an automatic invite to slack but for now in the interest of time and money I’ve opened up a gitter channel at In the end the goal is to do a little dog fooding and move this to a socialize based solution. For now though I’m on both slack and gitter and any requests to join the slack channel can be sent to this sn @ gmail and I’ll send you an invite asap.


Awesome, thanks @copleykj, feel free to give us a heads up if you need help hacking it together ;).