New space for ideas and feature requests in Meteor

We are inaugurating the use of GitHub Discussions in Meteor

This is a new space for the community to request Features and to discuss ideas.

Meteor Software, the company behind Meteor Platform and Meteor Cloud, is going to join every discussion and provide clear directions when necessary.

We reinforce that all opinions should be presented here in a polite manner, respecting different opinions and everybody involved.

We are not going to tolerate any type of aggression or misbehavior. Also the discussions need to be productive and looking for the best interest of the community, otherwise the discussion is going to be closed.

Read more in the link below.


“This is a space for the community to request Features and to discuss ideas.”

I am concerned about the “to discuss ideas” part, because that is so general that I am not clear about when a query is most appropriate for Meteor Forums and when it is most appropriate for a GitHub Discussion.

Could you please provide clearer guidance to the community about how to decide when a topic should be posted to Meteor Forums and when it should be posted as a GitHub Discussion? Thanks!


Hi Philip, I meant to say “ideas to be incorporated into the platform” and not ideas in general.

We want to use GitHub discussions to decide the future of Meteor in terms of the platform (code and technical details).

I would say general ideas about community, community packages, etc should stay in the Forums.

Does this make sense? If not, please let me know.

Feel free to suggest changes to the text as well.


Sure, that makes sense. One idea: when posting a new comment to Meteor Forums, one of the topic areas is “core”. Maybe you want to add something to that topic area to say that if you want to post something about “core”, you should be doing it via a GitHub Discussion?

There may be other topic areas that are more appropriate now for GitHub Discussions. Up to you to figure it out.

I see the benefit of GitHub discussions, in that you can easily cross-reference issues and so forth. I just think that the community will need some guidance to get used to the use of multiple communication pathways.