New Tailwind CSS JIT compiler

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Has anyone tried the new tailwindcss-jit compiler? Judging by the description and the video explainer it should make the development side much faster.

I’m going to implement this soon into my project and wondering if anyone had any issues?


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Following up on this:
I have managed to get tailwindcss working following the meteor/examples github here
the new JIT engine is working perfect when meteor does the initial build.
The normal filesize is reduced from 335kb to about 4kb as expected.
The problem arises when changes are made during dev, the JIT engine fails to react to the file change and regenerate the .css file.
I don’t know enough about controlling the postcss build process to suggest a fix.
Perhaps this is also due to some file caching?

Anyone more knowledgeable have any ideas?

Yes, I’m experiencing this as well. Don’t know where to start looking.

@zodern might be able to say something about this

Just about to jump into porting over to tailwind.

Did anyone here manage to figure out jit?

Hey guys, I just tried with Tailwind 2.2 and it seem working properly!

Just add mode: 'jit' in tailwind config and do not forgot to add TAILWIND_MODE=watch before meteor run.