New to Meteor, I cannot see why this breaks

So what I am trying to do is display data about a dancer in the dancer template.
There is another collection called comments, that can return zero to many comments for a given dancer.

dancer template is called and displays but {{#each thecomment}} never returns

{{#each thecomment}} {{> commentArea}} {{/each}}
This line should display even if nothing is returned from helper {{comment}}
{{#each adancer}} {{> dancer}} {{/each}} *************Helper Template.commentEntertainer.helpers({ adancer: function (){ $( '#workcolumn' ).empty(); return AllDancers.find({_id: Session.get('whichDancer')}); }, thecomment: function (){ console.log(AllDancerComments.find({entertainerId: Session.get('whichDancer').toString()})); return AllDancerComments.find({entertainerId: Session.get('whichDancer').toString()}); } });

Thanks for your help.

There’s a stray </div> tag in there. You should be really getting: “Your application is crashing …”. (Check in the terminal that this is not the case!)

There are a number of reasons why the comments might not be showing:

  • documents from AllDancerComments collection not published to client
  • Session.get(‘whichDancer’) not set to an entertainerId value
  • entertainerId value not set on comment documents
  • comment field not set on comment documents