New to meteor needs help to get started with mobile app


I’m new to Meteor and like what I see. I plan to develop a mobile app and have a few questions:

  1. What’s the default thinking in terms of pages, one page as long as possible or use multiple pages with iron:router?

  2. Do buttons and input fields get automatic styling by ios and android? I would like that.

  3. Can I host it on my own server?


Great place to start, answers questions 1 & 3:

As for #2, its just a web app. So its like any HTML page on a browser on various platforms. I believe you can incorporate something like Ionic to achieve something to that effect.



I have been using meteoric:meteor-ionic so far, but it is not complete. Do you know where to find more meteor specific documentation for urigo:meteor-ionic? It seems to load in the official angularjs:angular library.