New to Meteor - Trying to get set up I tried to fix this on my own but could use help! Pls/thx
this is meteor / ethereum right? Answer: This is when ES6 and exports modules are mixed up with exports require statements.there are some hints in the standard meteor docs about this topic It can be different from case to case

Hello. I am new to Meteor. I keep going down the rabbit hole and I am sort of on a quest to learn some things and have struggled with compiler and solidity code, and this seems interesting based on ease of use, but I am just trying to get over the hump. I put up the paste bin as I ran into a problem and I don’t know where else to turn to get going. I heard in the standard docs and checked out the page. I want to figure out how to make some simple dapp and go from there for the challenge of it all. Thanks in advance.

@btcmacroecon we need some more info on what you are trying to do (we don’t see your code) – can I can’t tell from the error output. Just so you know, starting with Meteor is extremely easy and it works out of the box.

Here are some links for you: (make sure you look at the guide)