New User-Feeback package added - now with DEMO - contributions welcome


I recently released a package to add support for - user feedback, idea generation, issue reporting.

Its called viloma:user-feedback - hosted on github here

Here is a Demo - its an initial version - so please be kind.

Developers can use this package - instead of paying large monthly fees to 3rd party sites.

It is an initial version - I would greatly appreciate any comment, suggestions or contributions to the same.

Thank you


Haven’t tried it yet but I love the idea. You should add a screenshot or a demo page though.


A demo is an obvious thing I should have done up-front.
Should be easy with deployment on - .
I’ll do that and update this post.


Haven’t tried it yet either, but this seems to be extremely helpful. Thanks.


A demo has been added

Click on the Feedback button on the right.
You would need to sign-up to create a topic or comment on one.



Great work :smiley: Very useful package.


I added Chat with Support functionality to viloma:user-feedback .

All chats are used to people in moderator list. It has flashing notification on chat for moderator and ability to view various chats - and respond to them.

Please give it a try and give your feedback. Note that - in the demo the moderator - me

If anybody can provide Styling improvements to the same - it would be very much appreciated.
Thank you