New users can have maximum two links in a post?

Yes I understand there’s a category of spammer who stuffs tons of links in their posts, but surely, most spammers just post one link. Meanwhile I’ve just written an extensively researched article on packages, namespacing, and Meteor coding standards with not two, not five, but fourteen (14) high-quality on-topic links and this BBS won’t let me post it here to its likely most appreciative audience because I’m newly signed up.

I’d rather not bother you all with shallow drivel (or meta-moaning like this) so may I please post my article and discussion points? What does one do to qualify as a non-spammer? Thank you…

not sure if it will work, but post it without the links first, then edit the post and add them in…
worst case you can post the article without the links hyperlinked.

Meteor developers are advised to develop a test-first culture. Don’t check in your code to others until you’ve written and passed essential tests upon it.

(TEST FAILED: Links beyond first two are silently deleted after editing post)

(TEST SUCCEEDED: I was later granted “Basic User” mysteriously)

Discourse (the forum software) has implemented several “trust levels”, they are explained here. Getting to the “Basic User” level, allowing more than two links, seems to require just a little bit of sticking around in the forum.

The idea behind this is that we expect you to browse around the site a tiny bit before making big well researched posts. Basic user is handed out super quickly, you can probably get it in 15-30 mins of casual browsing. This minor hurdle, helps limit spam and forces people to actually check out the neighbourhood before posting something.

That said, we just set defaults, at the digression the site operators here can amend any of these limits.

We did fix that last week, and the fix is deployed here, sorry about it.

In other news posting in general is a lot smoother now and due to a mountain of insane hacking you can now make posts on ios8 safari.

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