New "Verified Accounts" Feature!

Update! :partying_face:

To highlight the most relevant Meteor packages on Atmosphere, we’ve introduced a public “Verified Accounts” feature to all Meteor Cloud accounts. These accounts, shown with a blue badge on Atmosphere, have been reviewed by our core team and confirmed to be keeping packages up to date and actively addressing issues and PR’s.

Our goal is to keep showcasing packages that are relevant for active community members and make it easier to build and deploy with Meteor.

Want to have your Meteor Cloud account verified? Send us an email at with your account name and packages you’d like us to review.

Thank you for continuing to support Meteor Software :slightly_smiling_face:


We are also excluding core packages from trending section so community packages are more likely to get there.

Thanks for the suggestion @msavin


Awesome :comet: Is this for a limited time or is this a continuous process?

This will be ongoing! No time limit.

Can you add a Verified Listing or Filter by Verified? Otherwise this isn’t getting as much exposure as it deserves.

This is a nice effort to handle software rot that is present.

That said, I’m much more a fan of finding a way to remove atmosphere entirely and building isometric packages from npm packages, let npm be the first class dependancy management tool, let meteor be the first class build tool.


I Support the Idea of listing verified packages with priority.

Purging packages also makes at least sense for all these wrapper packages that did simply wrap npm packages and nothing more. They could all be removed and replaced by their npm counterparts.

However when packages depend on Meteor’s core packages then it won’t be a painless thing to simply move that code to npm. Besides that, who beyond Meteor Users would benefit from these npm packages then?


This is a big leap and the first step to reach a more stable meteor.

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